Facebook Flex

Facebook Flex

What is Facebook Flex?

Facebook Flex will permit Digicel GSM Postpaid and Prepaid information clients access to a content just form of Facebook for FREE

What is Free Basics? 

Free Basics is an App that will have some of URL's which clients will have the capacity to access without extra charges to their record.

What are the key highlights of the Facebook Flex?

Clients will have the capacity to refresh their Facebook status, similar to pictures and remark on their companions' posts, just for Free.

Facebook Flex gives a content just form of Facebook content by means of either the portable Facebook App or by getting to the connection http://m.facebook.com or Facebook.com.

Clients with no accessible credit or a dynamic information anticipate their record will approach Facebook from their information proficient gadgets.

Note: Only Android gadgets will approach FREE Facebook content by means of the portable application. iOS and BlackBerry gadgets may use their web programs to get to the Facebook versatile site (http://m.facebook.com).

Clients will be provoked to purchase an information design or utilize information on the off chance that they wish to see premium substance, which incorporates photographs or recordings.

The underneath prepaid information designs will be available by means of the Facebook page once the above alternative is chosen: 3 Day JMD250 250MB Plan OR 7 Day JMD350 500MB

How would I get to Facebook Flex from my gadget?

You can get to Facebook Flex from either the versatile application or by means of the connection http://m.facebook.com

Keeping in mind the end goal to see the superior part of the application (Videos, Photos, and so forth.) you are required to choose 'View Photos' situated on the upper right of the screen.

On the off chance that there is no dynamic information anticipate your record you will be provoked to 'utilize information'. Prepaid clients will be given the choice to either initiate a 4G information design or keep seeing/perusing at our PAYGO rate once they have accessible credit.

Note: Once information groups are depleted an overage charge of $20 per/MB will apply and if there is no information anticipate the record perusing will be at the PAGO rate of $20/MB

After getting to Facebook Flex, will I be provoked to download the Free Basics App?

Indeed, a flag will be shown at the highest point of the page asking that you introduce Free Basics.

How might I down load Free Basics?

Free Basics might be downloaded by getting to the connection http://0.Freebasics.com or through the Facebook App, as a flag is shown provoking you to download the application.

In the event that I pick not to introduce the Free Basics App will this influence my involvement with Facebook Flex? 

No. This won't influence your involvement with Facebook Flex as it isn't required to introduce the Free Basics App, be that as it may in the event that you might want to utilize the zero appraised applications you can get to these through the connection 0.freebasics.com.

What zero appraised applications are accessible by means of the Free Basics application and URL? 

The zero appraised applications that are incorporated under free administrations in Free nuts and bolts App/0.freebasics.com are:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook – Free Data


Free Books by Worldreader

ALL IN-By and for Adolescents

Associate Smart

BBC News

Training Game Portal

Science by TeachMe.com

Certainties forever


Will I require credit for me to get to Facebook? 

No. With Facebook Flex access to Facebook message just substance is free.

On the off chance that you wish to see pictures and recordings you are required to utilize the excellent part of the application once there is adequate credit on the record or potentially a dynamic information design.

Imagine a scenario in which I don't have a dynamic information anticipate my record and might want to see pictures or potentially recordings on the Facebook Flex premium. 

You will be given the alternative to initiate one of two 4G information designs; the 3 Day 250MB arrangement for JMD200 or the 7 Day 500MB arrangement for JMD350.

You will likewise approach premium substance in the event that you pick not to actuate an arrangement and peruse at the PAYGO rate of $20/MB

Will I have the capacity to get to Facebook Messenger as a feature of the Facebook Flex free understanding? 

Indeed. You will have the capacity to send IM's and photographs under the free part of the Facebook Messenger, however all different highlights will expect you to actuate an information design or acknowledge charges at our PAYGO rate.

How would I interface with the full form of Facebook? 

To interface with the full form of Facebook, you will essentially choose 'View Photos' on the upper left of the screen, at that point take after the directions on information utilize.

Will Facebook Flex enable me to see pictures? 

Indeed. Once there is a dynamic information design or potentially credit on the record you will have the capacity to see pictures and recordings by choosing view photographs/recordings.

 Are Postpaid clients ready to get to Facebook Flex? 

Indeed, postpaid clients will have the capacity to get to Facebook Flex.

What are the sorts of outer connections that clients may choose from m.facebook.com/Facebook Flex? 

An outer connection is any connection that will take you outside of Facebook Flex, once this is done information charges will apply as you are no longer inside the Facebook versatile application or URL.

What gadgets are perfect with Facebook Flex? 

All information perfect gadgets can get to the connection http://m.facebook.com to see free content just substance.

Right now you are not ready to get to Facebook Flex through portable application on BlackBerry, and iOS gadgets as this isn't upheld.
Do I require an information fit telephone to get to Facebook Flex? 

Truly. Just handsets that can associate with the web will profit by the administration.