How to use Quora to help my website rank in search results (SEO).

Quora allows you to get answers from real experts or at least people in relevant industries. Unlike Google, Facebook or Twitter, it allows you to get more nuanced answers.

But like any giant website with lots of user-generated content like Wikipedia, Pinterest or Reddit, it’s an absolute gold mine for SEO and content strategy.

Here are some ways that I use Quora for SEO, content development and Link building.

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Keyword Research

Quora is a gold mine for SEO keyword research since people are speaking about a topic in everyday language that isn’t filtered by search engines or algorithmic suggestions.

Use Specific Posts to Find Keyword Ideas

The most straightforward way to use Quora for SEO research is to take an answer and drop the URL into Keyword Planner or Keywords Explorer.Then you take all those ideas and add it to your running keyword list to go through the process of judging intent and difficulty.

Explore Top Pages in Links, Shares & Growth

Quora not only has a lot of user-generated content, but it also allows its content to be indexed by Google. And so Quora itself generates a ton of organic traffic.

In fact, many of its pages rank for some of the most competitive terms on the internet.

Use Quora for Content Gap Analysis

A content gap is a gap on your website’s pages where you should have a page but you don’t.

For example, if you have a comprehensive website about gardening and you don’t have a page about growing tomatoes then you’re probably missing out on a large bit of content that you should have on your site.

Content gaps are important because –

You’re missing out on potential organic traffic
The additional content helps Google understand what your site is about
It helps to add relevance to other pages helpsThe trouble is that a Content Gap is hard to identify because if you knew that it existed then you would have probably already filled it.

How to use Quora to help my website rank in search results (SEO).
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