Top 3 Free Tech Support Software 2016-17 | TechnoWorld

The assistance work area needs assistance.

Losing tickets, violating SLAs, frustrating customers, and now and again losing them—all signs point to a requirement for a superior framework. The main issue is, the financial backing isn't there to spend $100 to $200 every month on  Tech Support Software.

To help kick you off, and save you some cash, here are some incredible free and open source Tech Support Software solutions on the market right now, in no particular order.

Top 3 Free Tech Support Software 2016-17 | TechnoWorld

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is fourth on Capterra’s rankings of top Tech Support Software providers. Their free option is for up to three agents, with limited functionality.

Standout features of this Tech Support Software
  • Easily prioritize certain customers based on SLA policies
  • Easily turn emails and tickets into knowledge base articles
  • Use 33 different languages
  • Access via mobile apps

Freshdesk’s solution for temporary increased demand is solid. Add extra agents for a day to work through a backlog for $2 to $4, without changing your plan. You can even purchase these day passes in advance and use them as needed.

They offer unlimited 24/7 email support and 24/5 phone support at the free level.reviewer found the Tech Support Software customer service “incredible.”


Freshdesk’s most compelling feature might be its ability to gamify Tech Support Software customer service. The system offers points and rewards for excellent service, to help boost service desk employee engagement and morale.

Unfortunately, gamification isn’t available at the free level for Freshdesk.

In addition,reviewers  have complained about Freshdesk’s non-intuitive interface. One noted that the process for adding new contacts or companies from tickets is “a bit odd at times.” Another said it was, “sometimes a bit confusing to setup and configure.”

Then again, one reviewer said: “All the admin features you need are in a one tab. It is so easy to configure the solution and to customize it (forms, emails, and so on). The solution can be online in only a couple of minutes.”


Ultimately it bodes well to just have gamification available to bigger shops. Gamification depends on competition among agents to really work. Be that as it may, alternate highlights will even now be useful to one-to-three man shops. For one-individual shops, picking a free choice which is still free when you grow may be a smart thought.

Flipping the usual narrative, Spiceworks’ free  Tech Support Software  version is self-hosted, managed, and backed up. Usually self-hosting is a premium service that comes with support and backups for the product. Spiceworks is one-and-done, download, and you’re ready to roll.

Standout features of this Tech Support Software
  1. Free regardless of the number of agents
  2. LDAP/Active directory synchronization
  3. Mobile integration
  4. Multi-site support
  5. Fast and easy Windows installation
  6. Server monitoring services


The big drawback to Spiceworks is that it’s self-hosted. “the hardest part is maybe configuring the server version versus cloud.”

Meaning you’ve got to install, configure, host, and update it yourself. It can be difficult to install on Linux, Unix, or VMWare. Sure, it’s free. But hosting and talent aren’t.


talk amongst reviewers that Spiceworks isn’t developing this product anymore. Whereas in 2016 updates came out monthly, so far in 2017 the only update was back in May. If you are fine with self-hosting a product that’s not getting updates regularly from the core developers, this can be a good solution, but I’d be wary.

3. C-Desk

C-Desk is a completely free Tech Support Software that includes cross-team service request management, manual asset management, a knowledge base, a photo gallery, a notice board, and a log book.

Standout features of this Tech Support Software
  1. C-Desk, unlike most free options, is free no matter how many users or technicians use it.


The feature list for help desk software might not be fully filled out, but there’s still plenty that C-Desk does.


As IT Manager Rupesh Medhekar wrote, “C-Desk is a very user friendly  Tech Support application with bundles of features.”

In addition to all of the above functionality, C-Desk also offers task management, project management, surveys and polls, and chat features. Like most help desk software, C-Desk routes each request to the best tech for the job.